The Gatekeeper – my latest review


My latest review can be found on the link below … a really unusual read but, as the blurb says, really absorbing.  The author, Kay Sexton, really knows her stuff.


England before 1066!

Yes, there was a history 😉

My latest review is of a second instalment in a trilogy exploring the fantastic, albeit enigmatic, Emma, the Norman Queen of England.  A fantastic fictional read that intertwines fact and fiction and if you love history before the Conqueror, this is for you


The Review Group

This Facebook group is really taking off now.  By following this page, you will link to books and genres you may never even have considered before, discover fabulous new independent authors and open up to new knowledge and interests.  Whether you are a reader, an author or want to find out more about reviewing, drop by these groups:

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