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Wentwood Forest

A lovely week off from the day job; one of these days was spent walking around an autumnal Wentwood Forest in Monmouthshire - well, one of the many walks and loops that you can take -  Wentwood Forest Walks     Part of a larger, ancient forest that was once the hunting grounds for Chepstow … Continue reading Wentwood Forest


Abergavenny Castle

  Bathed in glorious sunshine on an unusually warm October day, sits the curtain wall remains of Abergavenny Castle, Monmouthshire.  Difficult to believe that this romantic, proud ruin signifies the site of one of the most infamous massacres in the history of the Welsh Marches ...   William de Braose, 4th Lord of Bramber probably … Continue reading Abergavenny Castle

Turnips. It’s all about the Turnips.

No, it's not a selfie on a Monday morning but a good old traditional vegetable of the British countryside, the humble Turnip.  Yes, I'm giving it a capital T as I fear it is overlooked, under-estimated and its' importance in Halloween completely ignored.  It deserves elevation to a proper noun, in my humble opinion 😉 … Continue reading Turnips. It’s all about the Turnips.