Monmouth Castle Bridge Then & Now

Monmouth Castle Bridge Then & Now

  A little known but important battle in November 1233 between Richard Marshal of Chepstow Castle and Baldwin III, Count of Guines, castellan of that time of Monmouth Castle (See Here).  The battle was violent and bloody, with the retreating forces of Monmouth falling foul of the medieval bridge and drowning men and horses in … Continue reading Monmouth Castle Bridge Then & Now

#YearoftheNurseandMidwife2020 – What was the Illness that Florence Nightingale Suffered after the Crimea?

    It is much documented about Nightingale's state of health after her return from the Crimea War (which, despite being ill, she had refused to leave until the last soldier had returned home).  Emaciated and depressed, this was not the vibrant, intelligent woman who had left England to go to the Crimea. Whilst researching … Continue reading #YearoftheNurseandMidwife2020 – What was the Illness that Florence Nightingale Suffered after the Crimea?

Early Hospitals – Quote from A History of Nursing

  As early as the fourth century AD, an early hospital called a xenodochium (also known as xenodocheion) was established by Basil of Caesarea, also known as Saint Basil the Great (c AD 329/330 – c379). In A History of Nursing (1907), Nutting and Dock note that due to an urgent need to care for … Continue reading Early Hospitals – Quote from A History of Nursing

A Witchcraft Tour of England #Halloween #witches #Samhain

Thought-provoking and pertinent for this time of year – interesting read by Alison Williams.

Alison Williams Writing

October seems to have sped by and Halloween is here once again. As we become more and more engulfed in plastic tat that will sit in future landfill, I always spare a thought for those who were murdered in the witch hunts and trials of the past. And it seems like a good time to revisit some of my past posts.

Halloween pumpkins

England has a long and varied history of witchcraft. As a tradition stretching back centuries, it is hardly surprising that there are a great variety of places that abound with legends, stories and histories about witchcraft, witches, persecution and execution. When researching the topic, I came across lots of interesting stories and made a long list of places that I’d love to visit. Some of them I have been lucky enough to visit although I would like to visit again one day. In fact, what I’d really like to…

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