A new 5* Review

A wonderful way to start a day of writing - finding a new 5* review on ebay! Never even thought of looking on there before - thank you, whoever you are, made my day. Great for amateur historians. I'm very interested in my local history & this book has some interesting facts. I do have … Continue reading A new 5* Review


One of those days …

… where I didn't digress or procrastinate; I didn't watch a Sky movie or read a book unrelated to my current research. I didn't browse Facebook for no particular reason, I just wrote about stuff. Which was nice 😀 So I finally got a break from the day job today and I have written 1500 … Continue reading One of those days …

St Helena, Mother of a Roman Emperor, Powerful Empress and … a Nurse.

    Well, it maybe a bit more technical than that but she has popped up in my research for my current Work in Progress, A History of Nursing. Empress Helena (b.248, d.328) was the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great. She is now known as St Helena … Continue reading St Helena, Mother of a Roman Emperor, Powerful Empress and … a Nurse.

Writing Tip #3 – Write What You Know (& Love)

Good advice here 🙂

Writing, Work and Wine

Hello my lovelies,

April is zipping by and it won’t be long until May. The sun has been shining, everyone seems happier and I’ve been spending my lunch breaks reading books down by the river. I’m very lucky to have such gorgeous views just two minutes from where I do my day job 🙂


So, it’s time for my next writing tip, and I hope this is one that’ll resonate with people because it’s so bloody hard to get right. When you’re deciding what kind of book you want to write, my advice is this – write what you know and love.


If you write about what you know, it lends an air of authenticity to your book, which in turn makes it believable and allows your readers to connect with the world and the characters you’ve created. Writing what you know can be using anything relevant, such as: –

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