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If you’re local …

... please feel free to come along 🙂   And can I say a huge thank you for the likes and new followers, I'm very grateful 🙂  


Today is the Day …

... that my first traditionally published book is released and it's a lovely feeling. It may only appeal to people that know the area or hopefully it comes in handy as a reference book  but to see your Word document transformed into a professional, sleek and 'proper' book is just awesome. Unfortunately, the day job … Continue reading Today is the Day …

Digression and Historical Obsession

Hmmm ... I seemed to have developed a terrible habit since my writing career has become professional. There is, of course, procrastination; many writers seem to suffer this and makes me feel less lonely and not the malingerer I imagined myself to be. Telling myself to be grateful for getting a publishing contract only for … Continue reading Digression and Historical Obsession

The Lazy Days Blog Tour starts here today!

  I'm a bit late but a healthy new year to everyone, hope you're all settling back into a routine.  I'm kicking off my new year blogging by being pleased to host the first day of the Lazy Days Blog Tour. Two extremely talented sister authors, Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes, are launching their novella … Continue reading The Lazy Days Blog Tour starts here today!

Ancient and still surviving – The Great Forest of Middlesex

Well, when I say surviving,  I actually mean pockets of a great forest still survive.  It would be a parallel universe where an ancient forest , especially around London, still exists in its original form!  By pockets, I mean fragments now protected by being country parks and nature reserves such as Harrow Weald Common, Scratchwood  in Barnet … Continue reading Ancient and still surviving – The Great Forest of Middlesex