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Digression and Historical Obsession

Hmmm ... I seemed to have developed a terrible habit since my writing career has become professional. There is, of course, procrastination; many writers seem to suffer this and makes me feel less lonely and not the malingerer I imagined myself to be. Telling myself to be grateful for getting a publishing contract only for … Continue reading Digression and Historical Obsession

Ancient and still surviving – The Great Forest of Middlesex

Well, when I say surviving,  I actually mean pockets of a great forest still survive.  It would be a parallel universe where an ancient forest , especially around London, still exists in its original form!  By pockets, I mean fragments now protected by being country parks and nature reserves such as Harrow Weald Common, Scratchwood  in Barnet … Continue reading Ancient and still surviving – The Great Forest of Middlesex

My book on Amazon!

I seem to have appeared on Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwell's ... which is nice. Very nice indeed. I'm writing for a specialised local history series published by Amberley Publishing, called The Secret Series. It is about unearthing little-known facts, secret histories of a particular area - in my case, I wrote about the area I … Continue reading My book on Amazon!