My First Ever Author Interview!

I was quite nervous of this – my first ever author interview, especially one where I had just written a review for her latest book!  But once I started, it was quite easy and Pat Bracewell was lovely; very committed to her books and kind enough to let you know she had the time.  Hope you enjoy 🙂



Magna Carta Week at The Review

So the admins of the Review are doing their ‘bit’ to celebrate that most famous document and all its’ meanings up til the present day. The Great Charter. Enjoy our contributions … the first two articles are dealing the Magna Carta itself and King John.



My Guest Author Louis Spirito

I am revisiting this review after finding this lovely interview on Stephanie’s blog with the author. It really is a fab book 🙂

Layered Pages

I’d liked to welcome Louis Spirito to talk about his writing. Louis is lifelong dog lover and recovering ‘angry guy’, Louis Spirito lives in Malibu, California with his wife, Eugenie, the love of his life, and their rescue Pit Bull, Tanner. Lou has written for magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Fitness, Woof Magazine, Black Belt and Bride’s Magazine. As a screenwriter, he’s sold material to Alliance-Atlantis, Triumph Pictures and Universal Studios, and his work has been honored by WorldFest Houston, The Nuyorican Poets Café, Writer’s Digest, and the Nicholl Fellowship Competition.  His memoir, Gimme Shelter, was awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion for Nonfiction.

GimmeShelterE-cover copy

Why do you write?

I write to entertain myself. Often that means remembering and refashioning personal experiences and events through the lens of time. I get a kick out of playing with words and ideas, and seeing what results. Even when I’m…

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My Reviews that will hopefully encourage buyers!

As a volunteer reviewer on The Review Group (, I have put a link to my first review for them.  The book was under the Young Adult genre and like nothing I’d read before, which I found really refreshing.  Here is the first paragraph:

Teenage girls.  Boys.  Homework.  Hormones.  Not my usual genre and nothing out of the ordinary you may think but this book very cleverly takes these ‘ordinary’ ingredients, shakes them up and throws a very extraordinary story at you.  The resulting story centres around a seventeen year old girl – Orianna – coping with all of the above and much more.  All whilst coping with cerebal palsy.

The remainder can be found here:

My other Reviews are here:

A must for animal – especially dog – lovers, this read is a rollercoaster for an adorable pitbull and his owner:

My favourite genre, historical fiction.  This one is not the squeamish and is actioned-packed from the first page to the very last:

More coming shortly 🙂

Courage to go Public

Well, I’ve played with the blog a little bit more, understood a little bit less but may take the plunge and make it public.

Absolutely nothing informative on here yet but as I am finally returning to work next week, I will have a little less time on here.

I’m really such a wuss!


Hello world!

Erm … hello.  This feels a tad weird, talking to the ether as such but guess I’ll get used to it.  I kept a diary when I was younger so can’t be much different can it?  Only it won’t be so private I guess!  I have clicked the privacy button for now whilst I’m still feeling my way around and trying to customise the page so bear with me.  I’ll try to be interesting but can’t promise 😉

I love words (hate numbers) so I apologise now if I ramble!  I love history, from Anglo-Saxon to late Medieval so will be linking to this as well as other interests of mine, mainly motorcycling and wild swimming.

If that hasn’t put you off, I’ll see you back here at some point.  Possibly.  And hope people will understand my humour 😉