Animal Welfare & Related Bits ‘n’ Pieces

baby owel

Welcome! My most recent review of When The Animals Vanished ( made me reconsider one of the concerns I have regarding our natural world – or what’s left of it. I’m talking the ecology of British wildlife and as in the book, the decline of the honeybee especially. People may scoff, sneer or think I’m a hippie kinda gal but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with free thinking. And really, it’s not rocket science – without honeybees, a most prolific pollinator – there is no food. It’s all part of a carefully evolved eco-system which we need to appreciate, facilitate and protect.


Even if you can plant something as simple as lavender in your garden to help the little blighters along, you would have done a small but invaluable bit for the bees as much of their environment – along with wild birds, hedgehogs, badgers and foxes – have disappeared due to our insatiable need to control and develop just about everything. 97% of our wild flowers/meadows have disappeared since the 1930’s; this is a phenonemonal decline. In fact, I find it absolutely disgusting. We must realise we need to co-exist with the environment otherwise where will it all end? Obviously, there’s a lot more science to it which I hope most people would simply be able to Google, if so inclined. I’m keeping this post simple to point out simple facts and although the When The Animals Vanished book is a work of fiction, there is a very real non-fiction message. Look out for the environment and all its’ dependents (that includes us!), life support systems and ecological needs and it will look after us.

Animals Vanished


2 thoughts on “Animal Welfare & Related Bits ‘n’ Pieces

  1. Many people do not realise the delcline of our wildlife which are part of our eco system. I get bees, even though I am too old to plant stuff these days, I do have blackberries. Lilac and so on. Unfortunately, we have urban foxes here, which should not be. But w need the bees so much.

  2. Evelyn, apologies for late reply to you, I have been a tad unwell but I couldn’t agree more with you. To be honest, just leaving the dandelions where they are helps the bees! Thank you for understanding though 🙂

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