The Ancient #Chepstow Port

Did you know, Chepstow once had a busy, thriving port by the old iron Chepstow Bridge? Shipping from Chepstow is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

“The port of Chepstow was the only one in Gwent, except Newport, to which ships of any size could come. From here barges used to take goods up the river as far as Hereford. In 1791 there was a large trade, both import and export, ships of as much as 700 tonnes burden bringing wines from Oporto and deals, hemp, flax, pitch and tar from Norway and Russia. Timber was exported to Portsmouth, Plymouth, Deptford and Woolwich; bark, iron and cider to Ireland, Liverpool and other places.”

Sir Joseph Bradney, A History of Monmouthshire, Vol 4, Part 1, 1929.
Chepstow Wharves and Warehouses, 1900 O/S map. ©Louise Wyatt
Chepstow Port area today, quiet and peaceful. Any remaining warehouse buildings are now converted to offices. ©Louise Wyatt

More facts and pictures available in my book, SECRET CHEPSTOW from Amberley Publishing.

©2020 Louise Wyatt

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