One of those days …

… where I didn’t digress or procrastinate; I didn’t watch a Sky movie or read a book unrelated to my current research. I didn’t browse Facebook for no particular reason, I just wrote about stuff. Which was nice 😀

So I finally got a break from the day job today and I have written 1500 words this afternoon! It’s been a tad intense. And if I disliked Henry VIII for the destruction of the beautiful architecture of the Abbey’s, I dislike him even more now for taking away some of the only health care the paupers of the day knew

From my current WIP:

As we have seen, up until these periods of history, nursing had been in the remit of the monasteries and associated hospital/infirmary buildings which were supressed along with the Abbey’s and churches. The period after this has come to be referred to as the ‘Dark Age of Nursing’ – Donohue states:

“Hospitals became places of horror, since … there was to be no replacement for the religious orders … Women were recruited from all sources to fill the nursing ranks. Many were assigned nursing duties in lieu of serving jail sentences.”



A drunk nurse, 1840. Courtesy of Wellcome Collection.









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