Mystery Thriller – Nine Lives – author interview with Jaye Marie!

I would like to say a massive thank you to author Jaye Marie for her patience and time since she kindly done the following interview for me (a year ago!). Things have moved on a bit – the book has been edited and is now called Nine Lives, the trilogy is now complete and is available on the links following the interview, along with links for Jaye’s Facebook and website.  HERE is my original review of Nine Lives on The Review Blog Page. 



So, back to the beginning … when did you realise you would be a writer?

I have fantasised about being a writer ever since I fell in love with the English language at school. Then life took over and one way or another, I had no time for writing.
Once the family had grown, I started to write short stories.
My sister, Anita was the writer in the family and I was content to proofread and edit her books.
Gradually though, I began to think about writing my own books, and when these characters started talking to me (all right, when they nagged at me) I had to tell their story.

Where and why did your interest in writing the mystery thriller genre begin?

The idea of writing mystery thrillers was the last thing on my mind, but I loved reading them. Patricia Cornwell and the Scarpetta books are some of my favourites, so I suppose it was only a matter of time. Once I discovered that I love to kill people, there was no stopping me!

What research did you have to do for this storyline?

I didn’t have to do any physical research for this trilogy. The main character in the first book, Kate Devereau, told me her story. All I had to do was make sense of it and write it down.

And the same question in regard to your characters – were they difficult to ‘flesh’ out? Especially Kate & Jack!

Kate is a lot like me, and some of the things in her life have happened to me too, so between us, we had a ball!
Jack Holland, on the other hand, was a different kettle of fish. Rather reminds me of one of my husbands (don’t ask!) only far more evil than you could imagine. To be honest, I enjoyed making him so bad.

Authors often mention how their characters come alive whilst writing and often the story that’s playing out directs itself. Did you find this with yours?

They say it is a compliment to your skill as a writer if your characters come alive and help you. Not sure if this is true, as characters have to be as real as you can make them. Something I love to do anyway.

Nine Lives is Book One of a trilogy. It is easily read as a stand-alone but did you know from the beginning it would be a trilogy?

When I started writing The Ninth Life, I had no idea it would go on to be a trilogy. This turned out to be Kate’s doing. She didn’t want to go quietly, and insisted I continue her story. And although it wasn’t planned, I enjoyed the process of ensuring the story continuation was on point. My characters became my friends.

Do you have a writing timetable you adhere to or do you write as and when? Any writing habits that help? A certain room/time, furniture a certain way for example? And is it long hand or is it straight onto the computer?!

I would love to write all day and every day, but life isn’t like that. At least mine isn’t! Even though I am retired, there are still far too many things that shove their way into my day. Most of which ruin the writing mood.
I discovered, quite by chance, that I write better first thing in the morning, leaving the rest of the day for everything else.
On the subject of how I write, I must have tried just about everything. From an ancient typewriter in the beginning, to an electric typewriter. And finally to a computer and Microsoft Word. I sometimes use Dragon Voice Recognition software, as this is far quicker than I could ever type, and I have dabbled (and I use this term loosely) with Scrivenor. Supposed to wonderful, but the jury’s still out on that one!
But my favourite method of writing will always be longhand, on an A4 notepad. Nothing else works as well. And on the journey from paper to PC, a fair bit of editing takes place, so it’s all good.

As you’re currently in the process of Book 3 – and this maybe stretching things a bit far – but do you have any plans after the trilogy is complete?

I am pretty sure the trilogy is finished, as none of my characters have made any objections. I have a collection of our short stories to publish, and I have been trying to put together a non-fiction book about holidaying on the Norfolk Broads. Somewhere in the back of my mind, a supernatural thriller is making noises, so what I do next will be interesting!

Thank you so much Jaye for your time! Please see links below for Jaye’s books, website and Facebook page.

Thank you for reading 😊


©Louise Wyatt



5 thoughts on “Mystery Thriller – Nine Lives – author interview with Jaye Marie!

  1. Better late than never they say… and you have more than made up for the wait. I am as pleased as punch with your interview of my writing progress. Thank you so much, Louise!

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