A Beta Reading service now available


I am now offering a Beta Reading service to any interested parties writing short stories and/or novellas and serials.  As a voracious reader and an experienced reviewer (please see http://thereview2014.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-readers-team.html as Emma Powell and further links on this blog), I have a good grounding to help others stay on track with their written work.  As a degree-educated professional during the day and a writer by night (or whenever I can!), I am confident I have a good command of the English Language.  Also having had a couple of articles published in the past, I completely understand I will be dealing with someone’s ‘baby’ and can therefore reassure you I will offer opinion on consistency, flow and dialogue as well as constructive criticism (if needed) in an empathic manner.


My main passion is for historical fiction but as you will see from my reviews, I am happy to consider most genres including – but not limited to – Y.A, historical time-slip, contemporary romance and I really enjoy a helping of light-hearted and humorous chick-lit!  I am NOT interested in reading sci-fi, erotica or fantasy at this stage but who knows what will happen in the future.

Please Note:  I work full-time shifts and review books for The Review Group so unfortunately I do have time constraints.  I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please feel free to use the contact form below and we can enter into further discussions privately.

Many thanks for reading!

Louise 🙂


Battle of Lansdown 5th July 1643, near Bath

Well, this isn’t my usual era of interest, in fact, it’s a tad too modern for me but it is on my doorstep in a magnificent part of the world (Southwolds, nr Bath actually) so deserved some air time I thought.  I am also of Cornish blood so who knows if one of these soldiers would have been an ancestor?!


This was one of the many battles in the English Civil War and contained a tough foot regiment of Cornishmen, who had rose up for the Royalists against Parliament forces earlier in 1642.  Under the command of Sir Bevil Grenville, who had endorsed Sir Ralph Horton as commander of the Cornish force, they eventually took control of the ridge at Lansdown against a Parliamentary cavalry force.  Knowing how high Lansdown is (it commands views as distant as Wales across Bristol), this must have been an extraordinary feat.  This photo was taken just a little way up from the battle site and is actually at a slightly lower altitude than Lansdown Hill itself.


Although inconclusive, the Parliamentarians did retreat to Bath.  Unfortunately, Sir Bevil Grenville sustained a head injury at the battle site and died the next day.  This monument stands where he was injured:

20141203_143518   20141203_143452

This had a detrimental effect to the morale of the Cornish and sadly, many of them were killed just a few weeks later in an assault on Bristol led by Prince Rupert.

Although a beautiful part of the country, this area has seen much bloodshed over time, including the Battle of Dyrham in 577 just a couple of miles away.  But that tale will save for another day!



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